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Cool Math Card Game

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Dedicated to the disarmament of all fuzzy math weapons, this site takes the establishment head-on. The world is a dangerous place and there's no need to walk around in constant fear of some nuclear math weapon destroying your child's education. Join the fight.

The comics have come to the end of their run, but the fight for better math isn't over.  Please download the free screensaver with all 127 comics in it, and feel free to make a donation (on the left) to help cover some of the costs incurred with producing this needed relief from the insanity of constructivism.

Must See Videos on Devastating Fuzzy Math (YouTube Link) (Video 1) (Video 2)

New cool math game for kids. Mathino lets kids really master the basic skills of math in a way that engages their competitive process so they WANT to master their skills to win. This is a product that I was so impressed with, I flew to Chicago to meet Marsh Kaminsky to help market the game. It's a pretty fast playing game that engages children's minds in a way that makes them want to master math. If you're skeptical, check out Marsh's story on the front page of the site, and watch a video on the site on how a player is creating their own 4 step math problem in their head...WILLINGLY! :)

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